ClassiEra Theme User Guide

A how-to guide with helpful information about Calssiera 2.0 theme installation, capabilities, features and options.

Classiera 2.0 Theme Information

The Classiera is a Premium Directory/Listing Classified WordPress Theme, super flexible and has a fully responsive design. A lot of thought and care were put into Classiera making it a pleasure to use. I carefully handcrafted this Theme with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience.

What is included in the price?

  • Classiera 2.0 theme file
  • Classiera Classic theme file
  • Classiera child theme file
  • Premium Plugins (Classiera Location, Classiera Helper, Classiera Demo Importer, LayerSlider)
  • Theme Documentation
  • Premium Support - To our support forum.

None of the images and partner logos inside the demo are included inside the download package. The download package contains a single demo image and dummy logo image.

Classiera Theme Installation

Installing the theme can be done two ways. You can upload the theme ZIP file using the built in WordPress theme upload, or copy the files through an FTP client.

When you download the theme from Themeforest, you will get an archive file in .zip extension. You need to unzip that archive. When done, you should see (If you want to use Modern Classiera then select folder Modern ).

Please, follow the steps below to install via WordPress Dashboard

  • Step 1 - Login to your WordPress Dasrdoard.
  • Step 2 - Go to Appearance > Themes. Click Add new button, located at the top of the screen or Add new theme ( see screenshots below ).
  • upload theme
  • Step 3 - Click On "Install Now" button and wait.
  • Step 4 - Click on "active" theme

Please, follow the steps below to install via FTP

  • Step 1 - Login to your FTP server and navigate to your WordPress themes directory. Normally this would be "wp-content/themes"
  • Step 2Unzip the files from the zipped theme.
  • Step 3 - Open it and inside the wp-theme folder find the folder "classiera" and upload it to your "wp-content/themes" directory.
  • Step 4 - After the files are finished uploading, login to your WordPress admin.
  • Step 5 - In the "Appearance" menu click "Themes".
  • Step 6 - Click "Activate" for the theme "Classiera"

Common Theme Installation Problems

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

If you get the “Are you sure you want to do this” message when installing file via WordPress, it means you have an upload file size limit. Install the theme via FTP if this happens, or ask your hosting company to increase the limit.

Missing stylesheet file

If you get an error saying that the stylesheet is missing, then you have uploaded the wrong folder. Please check that you are uploading the within the Theme Files folder. You have to unzip the file that you download from Themeforest to find this.

Install/Active Plugin

After activating Theme you will notify to Install/active Plugin

You can install all plugin on one Click just select all and Select Option Install.

Install Plugins
  • Redux Framework - You must need to Install and active this plugin."
  • Nextend - Nextend Facebook, Twitter and Google Plugins are used for Social Login, these plugins are optional, you can use these plugin but we have added one another plugin that called "Social Login WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Social Login Lite" Use that plugin.
  • AccessPress Social Login Lite - Optional Use this if you want social login.
  • WooCommerce - Optional , Use this plugin if you want to use Pricing Plans for Ads Posting.
After to install these plugin you need to move in your downloaded folder, there you will see Plugins folder , You must need to install our custom plugin.
  • - Important
  • - Important
  • - Important
  • - Optional, Install if you want to use.

Install / Import Dummy data

Before to Import dummy data, Please make sure you have installed these plugins. These Plugins are required

  • - Important
  • - Important
  • - Important

If you have installed these plugin then follow these steps.

  • Step 1 - Come to WordPress Dashboard
  • Step 2 - Come to Classiera Options
  • Step 3 - Here you will see option for Demo Importer
  • Step 4 - From here choose Which demo you want to apply.
  • Step 5 - Click "Import Demo" and wait.

For More help take a look at this screenshot.

Install Plugins

After to Import Demo data then you need to come Classiera Options --> Page --> From here you need to replace Link with your domain name.

Classiera 2.0 Theme Options

After to install and active plugin and import demo content then you need to select Classiera Options -> To Change theme default setting. And Change LOGO and other settings as per you need.

1- General Settings

From General settings we can upload website LOGO, Favicon, email header image and some other settings, for details please take a look at this screenshot.

Install Plugins
  • Pagination - In Classiera we have 2 types to load more ads, Load with number of pages like 1, 2, 3 its called Pagination, But if you want to load more ads on same page without refresh then please use Infinite Scroll.
  • Footer Logo - If you will use About Widget with logo then you must need to select logo here.
  • Email Header Image - CAs you know in classiera we are using custom email templte so we must need to upload a header image here. Size: 900x180

HomePage Settings

From Home General Settings you can Manage, how many categories, locations you want to show on homepage, You can select Ads View Type, You can change locations, categories, pricing plans sections title and description. Have a look at this screenshot

Home General Settings

Static Banner Settings

From this section you can manage Image Slider on HomePage, if you are using LayerSlider then no need to do anything here. Its only if you are using Image Slider.

Home General Settings

Call To action

We are using Call To action section on HomePage V5 and HomePage V6 and V7. Take a look at screenshot.

Call to Action

Callout Message


Search Setting

In Search Settings we have Option to Put a max amount for Advanced Search bar (Price Selection).


From blog section you can change title and description of blog section from homepage, and you can manage how many posts you want to show on homepage . You can also select Post order.


Classiera 2.0 Layout Manager

From Layout Manager you can manage your website Layout.

Layout Utilities

From Layout Utilities you can select Nav Style, Search Style, Premium Ads Style, Categories Style, And you can select you want to use Font Awsome or PNG/JPG/etc icons form categories. And Some Other layout settings. Have a look at this screenshot.


Home Layout Manager

From Home Layout Manager you can manage which section you want to show or which section you want to hide. Simply drag section for enable or disabled.

Home Layout Manager

Landing Page Manager

If you are using Landing Page as your homepage then you can use any section from any page. Simply drag section for enable or disabled.

Classiera Ads Manager

From Ads Manager You can Manage you Free/Regular Ads and Premium/Featured Ads.

Premium / Featured Ads

From Premium Ads section you can manage ads count and images count for premium ads. And some other settings.

Premium Ads

Free / Regular Ads

From here you can manage Regular Ads expiry, and images count for regular ads.

Premium Ads

Submit Ads / Post Ads

Submit Post


This is very important section for your website. You must need to change URL from here with your website urls


Color Selection

From Color Selection you can manage your website primary color, secondary color, Footer Background and text color.

Color Selection

Social Links

From here you can change your social links, by default if if you will demo content our social links will be there , you must need to remove and apply your social links.

Social Links

If you want to use image ads then please upload banner image and put website URL, but if you want to use google ads then images ads option must need to be empty.

Social Links


If you want to show partners logo on your website then you need to upload logos images from here and also set link for partners logos.



From Translate section you can translate some emails titles.


From Fonts settings you can manage your website fonts, Including H1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and body fonts.

Google Settings

Here in Google Settings you need to Put your Google MAP API key and Google Analytics.

Coming Soon Page

If you are using Coming Soon Page then from here you can manage coming date , logo, and background.

Contact Page

Here you can manage you contact page

Demo Importer

This section is already described in Installation.

Import Options

If you are not usinf Demo importer section and you want to import theme options settings then simply click on "Import from file" section and paste all content here. Then Click on Import button ans all settings will be there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to migrate from Classiera Classic to Classiera Modern?
Ans: Please reads this article.

Some of your credits and sources

We would love to thank everybody for their great work and for letting us use the resources. All resources are GPL , Commercial licensed or we have written permission for usage.

None of the images and logo inside the demo are included inside the download package. The download package contains a single demo image and dummy logo image.

We are using these

  • LayerSlider WP - Thanks to kreatura
  • AccessPress Social Login Lite - Thanks to AccessPress Themes.
  • Bootstrap - Thanks to getbootstrap
  • ReduxFramework - Thanks to ReduxFramework
  • WooCommerce - Thanks to Automattic
  • WBC Importer - Thanks to Webcreations907

Classiera Theme Changelog

		= V 2.0 - = 9 June 2017
		- Version 2.0 Added.
		- 7 New Layout Added.
		= V 1.19 - = 27 April 2017
		- Featured Ads Count on submit ads page (Improved).
		- Post Thumbnail issue on edit ads (Fixed).
		= V 1.18 - = 17 March 2017
		- How Many Posts you want to shown on MAP (NEW).
		- Show Regular ads or Premium Ads on MAP (NEW).
		- Related Ads Count Added in theme Options (NEW).
		- Reset Password text included to language file.
		- Language file updated.
		- Category Name on Premium Slider Home V2,3,4 Fixed.
		= V 1.17 - 13 February 2017
		- Author Profile name issue (Improved).
		- Search Bar on RTL (Improved).
		- Select Category On Ads Edit Page (Improved).
		- Header Style 2 Click on Mobile (Improved).
		- HomePage Select issue on Mobile (Fixed).
		- HomePage Search bar Location Order (Improved).
		- Empty Custom Fields Remove while posting ads. (Improved).
		- Profile Page without images ads box  (Improved).
		- Total Category Post Count Fixed.
		- Most popular plan Check box (Improved).
		- Classiera Helper Plugin Update.
		- LayerSlider Plugin update.
		= V 1.16 - 2 January 2017
		- Social Login optional plugin option added (NEW).
		- Social Login area On/OFF Option added (NEW).
		- Increase categories count on homepage (NEW).
		- Register Page problem (Fixed).
		- Locations Shown by without slider and google map (Fixed).
		= V 1.15 - 21 December 2016
		- Video Box On Submit Ads Page On/OFF option added.
		- LayerSlider plugin updated.
		- Price section ON/OFF option Added
		= V 1.14 - 8 December 2016
		- WordPress 4.7 compatibility issue fixed.
		= V 1.13 - 3 December 2016
		- Random captcha on contact to author (New).
		- Include Post title and Post URL in Contact to author (New).
		- Footer Widget area On/OFF option added (New).
		- Header & Footer social link open in new tab (New).
		- Title on RTL improved.
		- Update profile page improved.
		- All Categories order (Widget) by name fixed.
		- Locations shown by in advanced search widget fixed.
		- Language file updated.
		= V 1.12 - 26 November 2016
		- Location Shown by on MAP Fixed.
		- Category Count issue on HomePage V5 fixed.
		- font awesome updated to 4.7
		- Search bar issue fixed.
		- LayerSlider updated.
		= V 1.11 - 8 November 2016
		- Grid View Box Height issue fixed.
		- Translation Update.
		- LayerSlider Updated to 6.0.
		= V 1.10 - 17 October 2016
		- Responsive css updated
		- Theme Options Update (Now User can easily Manage Home Sections)
		- HTML Ads or Google Ads Added (Now You can create Responsive Ads from Google And Paste Code).
		- Pricing Plan Description from Theme Options.
		- Classiera Helper Plugin Updated (Translation file added).
		= V 1.9 - 11 October 2016
		- Google MAP jQuery issue fixed.
		= V 1.8 - 06 October 2016
		- Location problem on Edit Ads Page (Fixed).
		- Locations plugin improved. (Please remove old locaton plugin then install new one.)
		- Add States and city in bulk option added.
		- ReduxFramework removed from theme file and added by plugin.
		= V 1.7 - 27 August 2016
		- Full image shown on single ads page.
		- Location order on homepage dropdown.
		- My Account Widget in Sidebar on Edit Profile page.
		- Category image style added for All Categories Page.
		- Premium Ads Related to category.
		- Blog Category page improved.
		- Please see the Demo. 
		= V 1.6 - 11 August 2016 =
		- Instagram Page URL (Added).
		- Language Update (Posted ON: from Widgets).
		- Title & Category Requried while posting ads (fixed).
		- Post Password update.
		- Slider Advanced search fixed.
		- Font Awesome updated to 4.6.3
		- Please see the Demo. 
		= V 1.5 - 5 July 2016 =
		- Google API Key Option Added (New).
		- location Shown By on MAP by City, State or Country (New).
		- Category & Ads Section Added in Landing Page (New).
		- Select Option while posting Ads (Fixed).
		- Select Category & Sub Category Translation issue (Fixed).
		- Email Template Update.
		- responsive.css update.
		- Translation update.
		- Please see the URL  
		= V 1.4 - 25 June 2016 =
		- Scroll or Paginatation option fixed.
		- Category dropdown issue fixed on Edit Post Page.
		- States & City dropdown Order A to Z Fixed.
		- Regular Ads Post Count issue fixed.
		- Boxed Version Imporved.
		- Location and Category empty Image problem solved. 
		- Please see the URL  
		= V 1.3 - 17 June 2016 =
		- Responsive issue fixed.
		- Facebook logout issue fixed.
		- Language files updated.
		- Please see the URL  
		= V 1.2 - 16 June 2016 =
		- jQuery issue on submit add fixed.
		- Dummy data updated.
		- Premium Ads Widget count issue solved.
		- Ajax problem on Locations solved.
		- responsive issue in iPhone Fixed.
		- Register Page email Verification On/OFF.
		- Please see the URL  
		= V 1.1 - 7 June 2016 =
		- Search Improved when no map or no slider.
		- Text Formating solved.
		- No thumb on Search Page fixed.
		- Update translation.
		- Comment XHTML on of option added for single ads page.
		- Currency Tag Option.(Now Admin can put his own currency tag for ads, there will no need to 	put Currency tag from user while posting ads.)
		- 2 New HomePage Design.
		- Country States City with aJax (Now Admin can add City by States and states by Country).
		- Ajax Search Feature on All homepages.
		- Landing Page Template (Now you can use any section from any page by using landing page template).
		= V 1.0.12 - 12 May 16 =
		- Main Category issue Fixed on Posting Ads.
		- Comments Section issue Fixed.
		- Search Page text change for premium Ads result.
		- Message To Author ON/OFF Options (Fixed).
		- Font-awesome update to 4.6.1
		- Single Ads Post Map Pin Image Change by category.
		- Location Shown By Fixed on HomePage Listing.
		- Date Format Improved.
		- Search by states, City fixed.
		= V 1.0.11 - 22 April 16 =
		- Username include in Reset Password Email.
		- Fixed WordPress 4.5 jQuery issue.
		- MAP on Location template fixed.
		= V 1.0.10 - 5 April 16 =
		- Premium Slider Post Title Limit set to 25 char.
		- Location shown by fixed in header search.
		- Premium Ads Limit in Grid View Fixed.
		- Premium Ads Limit Increase to 30 ads.
		- LayerSlider or MAP option for HomePage V2, V3, V4 Added.
		- Image Slider Font Color Option added.
		- Language File Updated.
		= V 1.0.9 - 25 March 2016 =
		- Contact to Author, Email Template Added.  (NEW)
		- Google Latitude and Longitude Hide Option on Post New Ads Page.(NEW)
		- Hide Map option on Single Ads Page and Post New Ads Page.(NEW)
		- Item Contdation check box added with ON/OFF Option.(NEW)
		- Login/Register page message added to translation.
		- Contact Page Translation added to .po file.
		- Footer Tags Widget Hover Color change to Primary color.
		- Email Length Change to 50 char on submit page.
		- Strings from Edit Profile, Added in Translation.
		- Translation file is updated.
		- Italic and Blod Tag style in page fixed.
		= V 1.0.8 - 18 March 2016 =
		- Hide Social Icon from user Profile if empty.(New)
		- Hide Phone Number Option from Ads Posting. (New)
		- No Thumb image added on Related Ads on Single Post.(New)
		- No Thumb image added on Location template.(New)
		- ILS Currency symbol added. (New)
		- Back to top Button Hide option added.(New)
		- Turn On/Off Option for Locations, Category, RangeSlider from Header Search Bar Added.(New)
		- Update Password from Front-end Profile setting page. (Fixed).
		- Browse Favorites Hover Color Changed to main color.(Fixed)
		- To Author Message shown. (fixed)
		- Link Hover Color on Profile Page.(Fixed)
		- Video Responsive issue.(Fixed)
		= V 1.0.7 - 12 March 2016 =
		- Partner URL fixed.
		- No Thumb Image Added All over the Theme.
		- Select Category issue Solved on Post New Ads And Edit Page.
		- Email Verification check on Register Page.
		- Image Slider issue Fixed on Single Ad page.
		- Responsive issue fixed.
		= V 1.0.6 - 5 March 2016 =
		- Google Adsense Problem Fixed.(Update footer.php)
		- Post Limit on Regular Ads Improved.(Update template-add-post.php)
		- Advanced Search Widget Improved.(Update classiera/inc/widgets/advance_search.php)
		= V 1.0.5 - 1 March 2016 =
		- City , States Turn On/OFF Option (Added).
		- Regular Price Turn On/OFF Option (Added).
		- Home Page Layout Manager Added (Now Admin can Move all section, Its added for all hompage version's) (Added).
		- Email to Admin on New User Registration with Turn On/Off Option (Added).
		- Image Upload limit for Free And Paid user.(Now Admin can manage how many image user can upload) (Added).
		- Free Ads Posting Limit (Now Admin can manage how many free ads user can post) (Added).
		- Error Shown on Login Page if Wrong user name.(Fixed)
		= V 1.0.4 - 18 FEB 2016 =
		- Image Remove on Post Edit. (Fixed)
		- HomePage V2 Responsive Issue. (Fixed)
		- Email From Title Changed to Blog Title.(Added)
		- Hide Contact info from Contact Page if Empty.(Added)
		- Blog Category Widget. (Added)
		- Blog Post Widget. (Added)
		- Infinite Scroll. (Added)
		- Post Date on Profile Page. (Improved)
		- Registor Page. (Improved)
		= V 1.0.3 - 10 FEB 2016 =
		- Fetured Ads by Category Improved.
		- Turn On/OFF Map from Contact Page.
		- Top Social Button Hide if Empty.
		- HomePage template with Sidebar added.
		= V 1.0.2 - 5 FEB 2016 =
		- Email to Admin for Pending Post (Improved).
		- Featured Ads by category (Added).
		- Move All Premium Ads setting to Premium Ads Section. 
		= V 1.0.1 - 2 FEB 2016 =
		- Map on Category Page Added.
		- Premium Section with Grid Added.
		- Arabic demo Added. 
		= V 1.0 - 24 JAN 2016 =
		* Initial Release